Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Abandoned races and new goals

Over the last two weeks or more we have had severe cold weather here on the East coast of Ireland. The Jingle Bells 5k was postponed until next Saturday, so we are hoping to go on that. Also, the Waterford half was due to go ahead on the 11th, but that was pulled two days before due to ice on the roads where we were due to run. That has been rescheduled to Jan 15th. Hopefully the weather is ok for it. I have also joined the local Athletics (running) Club, who train every Tuesday evening on a grass track only just over 1k from my house. The last two weeks we haven't be able to train as there has been too much snow on the tracks and tonight's training is canceled due to the AGM. It's meant to be getting colder again from Thursday, but hopefully the snow will leave us alone!
I've been resorting to doing all of my runs on a treadmill for the last 2 weeks now, and I'm really bored on it. We don't have one at home, so I have to go to the local gym pre-dawn. I try to get there 3-4 times a week. Last week I was tapering due to the HM coming up, but it got put off, so I did 16k on the dreadmill instead. I would have liked to do 21.1k to replace the race, but the mental boredom was too much for me!
For next year (2011) I have some ongoing goals, like beating my PBs in various distances. But I also have some goals like completing my first marathon and my first 50k. I am hoping to do the Conemarathon, as I have spent a lot of time in that area and love it and know the roads pretty well. Also I have booked onto the Portumna 50k for June which will be fun interesting!
Working on a podcast, due out this week so stay tuned...

Keep running,

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