Thursday, December 2, 2010

Month end and snow...again

Ok, my last monthy total update was showing poor distance, just 53k for October (!) and I had resolved to double it to get back on track. Well, I did it, plus a bit. I also beat my September total of 106k and November all in had 126k! Not as much as I'd hoped when I was planning things out a few months ago, but on track anyway. I am also trying to work out the best time of year to go for my first marathon - possibly the Barcelona Marathon in March. But that means I'll need to be getting in a lot of mileage in the coldest conditions. Our track meet was canceled due to snow too...
Another of my distance goals was achieved during November. I wanted to have logged 1,000k on DailyMile by my birthday (mid-December). I managed that on my snow run last Sunday, three weeks in advance!
I'm not going to step up my distance goal for year end due to inclement weather here (-7C to -15C overnight). But instead I'll be trying to keep the current distance/month up.
With the ongoing snowfest that has become the East coast of Ireland, it looks like the Jingle Bells 5k will be called off. Also, unless things change soon, the Waterford Half may go the same way. Not to worry, I'll still be getting my distance in :-)

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  1. woah, Barecolona my favourite city in the world, go for it!