Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Post christmas update

Christmas is officially over and all the commercial hype is dying away, so time to switch back into training mode.
On Christmas day, we drove about 40 mins from where we live for a race. It was the Goal Mile to be held in Athboy. As we drove up, the temps dropped to -13C, now that's cold! (below is a pic of the car temp gauge)

When we got to the start it had "warmed up" to -9C. The race was pretty informal, with no finisher's medals, no t-shirts, no ceremony at all. Only about 30 people took part and half of them walked it. Those of us who were running it were frantically trying to keep warm. Then the main road was closed to traffic and we lined up at the only traffic lights in the town. We were all standing around shivering and chatting when we heard someone blow a whistle and realized it was time to start! No warning given at all. My brother-in-law and his cousin went out front and took the lead. I was boxed in behind some joggers, so I went around them and took off.
By the time I had gone about 300m I had trouble getting warm air, so I pulled my neck gator up over my mouth and it really helped. I was so cold I couldn't go as fast as I wanted to but just kept going. We got to the half way point and turned for the out and back, straight road all the way. A couple of times on the way back I felt like walking, I just didn't feel like I could get enough oxygen into my lungs for the effort I was trying to put in, but I kept going. Then I saw the finish line and pushed a bit more and finished! My time was 6:06. My BIL is a sprinter, and a good one, he got first place. His cousin was the European U16 1,500m champion, and she came in second. I got third and was very happy with that. We were offered certificates at the end, but I declined. We got free small bottles of orange juice so I took one and we ran back to my BIL's house, about 2.5k, chatting on the way. When we got to the house I saw that my orange juice was turned to slush in the bottle, even though I had been holding it in my hand - still cold out!

My next training was on Monday in the gym, where I did a rowing warmup, a weight session and dreadmill run. I only got to a coupe of KMs when my left shin started giving me some trouble, so I stopped at 3k. The next day I went back and did the same routine, but did 10k on the dreadmill, and felt a whole lot better. I took the run easy and did it in 54mins.
I've been really feeling good and recovering well now that I'm using protein powder immediately after a workout/run. I went to buy some more and got 50% off the second tub, so I now have lots in stock :-)

Keep running,

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