Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Working on goals etc

Well the snow I was hoping would hold off...hasn't. It came back a couple of days ago. Last night in North West Ireland the all time record low of -17C (about 1F) was recorded, that's COLD!
Yesterday it had snowed overnight, but not much, and then it snowed again around lunchtime, again not much. I was pretty sure that the track session was going to be canceled for Tuesday, so I decided to get a run in and #zapthezero (it's a DailyMile/Twitter thing...).
I put on the usual runners, shorts (!), technical t-shirt and long sleeve technical shirt, Nike dri-fit jacket, neck gaitor, thinsulate hat and thinsulate gloves, along with the Garmin and RoadID, and set off. It was cold, but my legs warmed up after a couple of k. It took until about 5k in for my hands to finally feel warm (even with the gloves). I met my wife, who was driving home, at around the 8k mark and stopped to chat, where she told me that it was currently -6C. Then it started snowing, so I just finished the last loop of the village and ran home. By this stage I was finding it tricky to see where I was going with the snow going in my eyes. At least I got in a 10.8k run!
So I have officially registered for the Connemarathon now and am looking at two other marathons in 2011 already. One will be for charity, but I'll keep quiet about that one until plans are confirmed. The other one that I may do is the Kildare Marathon, but I'll see how the timing is closer to the event.
It's still snowing here today, and the track session did get canceled for tonight, so I may try the gym in the morning. All this, work, family and no Christmas shopping done yet!!

Keep running,


  1. I couldn't even begin to imagine how cold that must feel. i would need a heat pack in amongst my clothing.

  2. It's about 40F here in Texas, which for me feels REALLY cold. I can't imaging 1F! Good for you for getting out there in the cold!