Monday, January 10, 2011

Training update - first in 2011

So this is my first real training update this year. I'm fortunate that I've been able to keep running, so far, through the ice & snow. I've had to resort to treadmill running from time to time though.
Last Sunday I did my LSR, the first run of the new year and got just over 25k, nice to zap the zero like that! I took Monday off (it was a public holiday here too) and then did a gym session with 8k easy on the treadmill on Tuesday. On Wednesday I did the same gym session. I knew I wouldn't get a chance to go the rest of the week. My legs were feeling tired but I did my 8k intervals on the treadmill (1k easy, 1k fast).
Then on Friday I found out that a small group from the club was training at the track in the evening so I joined in. It had been raining heavily for most of the day and the grass track had still not really recovered from the snow, so it was pretty muddy & wet. At least we had a low impact session I guess, ha ha!
I ran from my house to the track, then did 2 laps warmup. After that we split into sprinters and non-sprinters (me and 3 others). One of the girls training with me had come 6th in the All Ireland 800m U16 last year - no pressure! I did my Yasso 800s and the three others ran, or at least started, with me. I was going for about 3:50min and they just took off and did it in about 3:20 each time. I would do a 1min WR and go back to another 800m. On the third 800 coach yelled at us, just before the end, "Do another lap". Apparently this is meant to help - I'm sure it did though :-)
We did one more 800 and called it a night, as it was still pelting with rain. I ran home the long way and got a bottle of red in the local shop to share with my mum, who is visiting with us for two weeks. When I got home my 3yo daughter stood and stared at me with mouth agape. It was only then I looked down and saw that I was mud and dirt from the knees down.

I had to jump in the shower, partly to warm up and partly to get all the dirt off. Then I soaked my socks and washed out my runners in warm water. I left them by the radiator to dry and by Sunday evening they seemed ok again. And yes, I still have to put my Yankz laces on this pair too.
On Saturday I took a rest day and on Sunday I did my LSR. I wanted to do a good 20k, but I had been having stomach/GI issues since Friday afternoon. Anyway, I sucked it up and went out. It was 3-4C with frost and some ice patches on the roads. I did two different out-and-back routes. The first was fine the way out, but headwind on the way back. That was 9k done, then I passed by the house and continued onto the second part. This road is less busy, especially on weekends and sometimes 5-6 mins would go by without seeing or hearing a car. I was trying to keep my pace down to the suggested one from my coaches: 6:15 to 7:00min/km, but it's really not easy. I keep falling into my 5:40 to 5:20min/k "happy pace". I had to take a few walk breaks on the return part of this due to my GI issues. I won't go into details, but let's just say I ran the last 3k a lot quicker and was glad to get home!
It's now Monday and I found that since I started taking some Glucosamine tablets I got from a local health food store I was having the GI issues. I stopped taking them and 24 hours later I was fine! I'm still a big fan of Glucosamine for joints, but I'll go for a different brand from now on :-)

Keep running,

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