Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Year end look back

I'm looking back at 2010, my first year in running, well, 11 months really. In November I ran 126k and in December I checked my distance 3 days before the end and realized I had 18k to reach the same monthly distance. So I did a 14k that day and another run two days later to bring it up to a monthly total of 133k, not too shabby. Still not where I want/need to be yet. (Ironically, my monthly distance for Feb - my first month running was also 18k...)
To that end, I did a LSR on Sunday, my first run of the year. My coaches tell me I should be doing my LSRs at between 7:00 and 6:15min/k pace, which is very slow for me. I set out and got myself ready for a 20k or so run, not really sure how long the new route was. I also took some different things to eat as a test.
I had a lot of trouble keeping the pace above 6:00min/k and had to keep reminding myself to take it easy! The first new food item I tried was a Nutrigrain bar, which I like. I was eating it as I ran (which is the whole point really) and pretty soon found that it was too dry and crumbly, so the crumbs were catching in my throat and making me cough. Not good when also running! I won't bring that one again...I also tried Hammer gels,  Fruit Gums and Endurolytes, all of which I have had before. No problems there. I'm thinking of trying out dried apricots next, I'll let you know. I only brought my Nathan hand held with me, so I need to either try bringing more water somehow, or change my route so it goes by somewhere I can refill.
I did three different out and back loops for a grand total of just under 26k. I need to be getting my LSR distance up in training for my upcoming races, so this is a good start. My mid-week runs won't be that long, but will generally be 8-12k.
Towards the end of my LSR my right glute was giving me trouble. I stretch it regularly, even on rest days, but I'll see how it goes. It was only the day after my LSR that I realized I had lost another toenail on the run, ha ha! It was a bit tender this morning when I went for my gym session, and I was tempted to strap it so it wouldn't be rubbing. But in the end I left it so the skin would toughen up. Covering it would have made the skin softer and take longer to recover. So my running total for 2010 was 970k. When I add in cycling, swimming and rowing the total is over 1100. The cycling will build when my bike has been built - soon I hope!

Keep running,

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