Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Operation Transformation 5k & training

Just a quick post to let you know that I ran in the Operation Transformation 5k last Saturday. It was organized by one of the national TV stations for a weight loss/healthy lifestyle program they do. It was free to enter and they were expecting about 5,000 people, I think about half that showed up, which is still a good number for the narrow roads on the course.
It took place in Dublin's Pheonix Park. The day before had been raining pretty heavily, but Saturday was glorious with warm-ish sunshine. We brought our two kids with us and got to the start line at the very back of the starters. At the start, it took us about 1:30 just to get over the start line and then we were pushing a buggy with one child while the other ran with me. Then he got tired, so we had the two in the buggy. I set off with them both and left my wife to her own pace. The most difficult part of it was dodging the walkers/runners with the buggy on the narrow lanes/roads, and I had to slow a bit from time to time. However, I made it running the whole way and got over the line in 29:26. I caught a glimpse of the TV show's presenter Katheryn Thomas, and Dublin's Lord Mayor, both of whom I beat :-)

Before and after the race I was communicating with a friend I hadn't seen in a while and we had arranged to meet for drinks that night, so I knew it was a bad idea scheduling my LSR for Sunday! When we got home I had a sandwich and decided to just get on with it. I got my hydration pack and a couple of gels and went out and did another 18k. I was trying to keep the pace down and after 10k I was doing a zone 2 relaxed run the rest of the way. Sunday was recovery in more ways than one! Monday was just incredibly busy, so I'll have to get a run in tonight. Track session is cancelled as it's the school's mid-term break. Here's a pic of about half way through my LSR - the road to nowhere, ha ha!
Keep running,


  1. That's a beautiful picture.Everything I would imagine Ireland to look like.

  2. Thanks Barbie, trouble is, there's no paths and no street lights, so I can only run there in daylight hours...