Monday, February 7, 2011

Training update - Feb 2011

So time for a brief training update. Last month (despite my ankle injury) I ran a total of 126k, which is equal to my Nov 2010 distance, but not as good as my Dec 2010 (133k). This month will be down too, as I'm just getting back to running this week.
I also cycled 89k last month, my most ever (then again I only got the bike half way through the month I guess!). But when you add running, cycling, walking, rowing etc together, I logged a total of 229k, a massive jump from 156k in December.
On Friday I did a gym workout and then went to the physio in the afternoon. He did some work and said that the pain in the front of my shin was deferred from the left side and just below my knee! Wouldn't have guessed. So I have been using Deep Heat and anti-inflammatory gel in the wrong part of my leg, which is why it wasn't improving...He did say that I can go back running though!
Saturday I did the same gym workout and then an 8k easy treadmill run and felt fine - no pain. Sunday I did a bike ride for 27k and did the loop about 7mins faster than my previous time. Some of the back roads I came back on are pretty narrow. At one stage I saw a car coming towards me and the driver pulled in to a gateway so I could pass. It had been raining a lot in the last day or so with localized flooding. While I was going around a 90 degree left hander I spotted that the road was flooded right across and for about 6m long. I couldn't tell the depth of the water though. I stopped and had a look, turning back would have added 30mins to my cycle. I decided I would have to pedal through it. As I did, every time my feet would go down with the pedals they would get soaked by the flood water. That was at the 16k mark so my feet were freezing cold the rest of the time.
I brought my son out on his bike when I got back and we cycled (slowly) to the local shops and back. We had a good talk and he really seemed to enjoy it.
Hoping to get a relaxed run in later and get to the club track session tomorrow night.
Keep running,
P.S. My podcast is now available in iTunes - search for "irish runner".

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  1. Freezing feet, there is nothing worse Eoin. Hope you had a nice hot chocolate when you got home.