Monday, March 28, 2011

Busy weekend...

Ok, so I had been training every day since Tuesday and at that my legs were tired from the LSR the previous Sunday (32.5k). I went and did my usual workout on Friday morning as I said in my last post. Then on Saturday I was booked on a coaching course for the local athletics club from 09:00 to 16:30. I was debating whether to take the car or get a lift. Then I decided to cycle.

I hadn't mapped out the route, as I know the area pretty well. So I set off with 1:15 before start time and my packed lunch, lots of fluids and a change of clothes in a backpack. It was a bit chilly, so I brought my thinsulate gloves, which I really needed on some of the exposed roads. It was downhill overall on the way there and I ended up going through Pheonix Park just before 09:00. There were a good few joggers and runners and cyclists around, which was great to see. I got to the club and we got stuck in. The course is the entry level coaching course (details here) for teaching kids the basics of track and field events in a fun and non-competitive environment. It was a jam packed day and I didn't know it, but we were to be on our feet running around and playing kids games all day. Sounds like fun (which it was!) but it was also pretty tiring!
When the course was completed, I started the cycle home and decided to take a shorter route with a pretty steep hill as you can see from the elevation...
It was uphill overall on the way home of course! I stopped at around the 8k mark for more Powerade and an energy bar - my first time eating while cycling :-)
I rested as much as I could that evening and the next morning...
Sunday afternoon was the Dunboyne 4 miler. My wife was running along with me, so we brought the kids in a double buggy and I had decided not to "race" it. After the start, I was running and holding my son's hand as he ran beside me. After about 200m he was tiring out, so we put him in the buggy. My wife pushed it for about 400m and then I took over. We ran side by side at her pace until about the 1k mark and then she took a walk break so I powered ahead. It was a great friendly atmosphere with lots of runners commenting about the two kids and our son cheering me on (our daughter fell asleep by the 2k mark!). At the 2 mile marker I had to walk so I could take in water, as it was impossible to push a heavy buggy and hold a water bottle to your mouth and keep running. One of the runners I had overtaken offered to push the buggy while I was drinking, I thanked him, but declined. That was nice though.
I kept going and we went past the finish line - the course was a rough figure of eight with the finish line near the middle bit. There were loads of people in the crowd cheering me on because of the buggy and it really spurred me on. We ran the second part of the course and came back to the finish in the middle of the village with the crowds again. The cheers were amazing and I couldn't help smiling at the crowds. The final 200m I was really pushing it but I was getting overtaken by a few runners I had previously gone past. I guess they didn't want to be beaten by a guy pushing two kids in a buggy, ha ha! I crossed the line in an unofficial time of 38:40, not bad as I had a combined weight of about 53kg (roughly 116lbs) along with me...
After the finish line we got our goodie bag (fruit, water, energy gel, cereal bar, pens, umbrella and t-shirt) and stopped for a rest. I met up with my wife who had to pull out due to leg cramps, but she really enjoyed it anyway.

We brought the kids back to the playground for a while and then I got out my hydration pack, gels etc and started to run home. It was now quite warm and I had on a t-shirt and long sleeve shirt. At the start it seemed like a lot, but towards the end it was just right! After the first couple of km I was already aware of just how tired my legs were - this was going to be a tough run...
I went the long way home, but I could have extended the route. I had a bit of time pressure as my wife had to leave for work that evening. From the start I decided to keep it in zone 2 as much as I could and that wasn't a problem. My legs were in no mood for speed! By the 14k mark my mind was wandering off and from time to time I didn't realize I was running. That sounds very strange, and it was at the time. I don't know any other way to describe it though. Kinda surreal.
Anyway I made it home 5 mins before my wife had to go to work. I had covered a little over 17k in 1:48, so that's good that I was able to keep to my LSR pace. As soon as I had made up my protein drink my kids wanted me to play chasing in the garden, I did play with them, but not chasing - my legs wouldn't allow it!
So today, Monday, is a rest day and boy I need it! last week I made an appointment with a sports massage place for this evening and I'm really looking forward to it, although it's the first time I'll have had a sports massage. I reckon it's just what I need as I wind down to the marathon :-)
Also, this week was the first time I've logged over 100k - 46 on the bike and the rest running - woohoo!
Keep running,

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