Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Non-running post

As this is a running blog, I had told myself for a few days that there's no need to post right now, as I'm not running. But today I'm looking at it from a different perspective.
Last Friday I did my gym workout (rower, weights/core and treadmill). I didn't feel like I had a huge amount of energy and my throat was pretty dry, but I didn't take much notice. My daughter (3yo) was down with a cold/chest infection and I was hoping not to catch it. By Friday evening I knew the throat issue/lack of energy was creeping up on me.
Saturday was a rest day before my LSR on Sunday. Saturday I knew I had a head cold and started treating it with lots of water, rest and Lemsips. I was determined to do my LSR and even considered doing 20k on the gym treadmill, but it was not to be. My sinuses were pretty blocked on Sunday and my energy levels were going south. Around this time my son (4yo) was coming down with the same infection and I was really trying not to succumb  to it. Monday came and went with no improvement and I was now having trouble breathing when lying down. I had to pull out of the Tuesday track session and that night I was coughing a lot in bed - keeping myself awake.
This morning (Wednesday) I went to the doctor and I have inflamed ear canals, heavily blocked sinuses and a chest infection. I'm on an antibiotic and taking in fluids and Lemsips. Hopefully I can get back training soon, although my LSR for the coming weekend is doubtful unless I'm 100%.
With just 32 days to my marathon, this really isn't what I need!
But I'm keeping upbeat. I don't believe in feeling sorry for myself - I'm not a victim and don't play that part. As D. H. Lawrence said in one of his poems "Self Pity":
"I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself.
A small bird will fall frozen dead from a bough
without ever having felt sorry for itself"

I'm taking in a lot of protein and fruit and water. During the day I'm doing pushups and lifting my dumbbells when I can find a few minutes - every little helps! I'm still working every day (working from home means you need a really good excuse not to work!).
Here's hoping I can recover and get back training soon!

Keep running,


  1. Wise decision resting Eoin. Your body will thankyou for it. BTW I love that quote.

  2. I hear you man, there must be something going on around cause we're the same at home. I've been lucky to not get a nasty flu since January last year but I can also feel something coming down at the mo.

    Make sure you cure that one out properly before your marathon - skipping one or two training runs won't harm your performance, but not being well will definitely do.

    take care and get better.