Thursday, March 3, 2011

Training update - March 2011

So it's that time where I look back at the previous month's performance and see how I feel about it and see if it's helping me reach my goals. I went into Feb with a sprained ankle but also with a new bike. Cycling was pain free, so I took that out once or twice a week.
I managed to run 135k last month, my second highest monthly total ever. I also cycled 35k, I think I just got one bike ride in before my ankle got better and I let it gather dust while I got back running! But my distance total (incl all training) was 180k, my third highest ever. Considering I had a dodgy start to the month I'm pretty happy with that!
This week I did a short 4.5k run on Monday, I didn't have time to go longer. Tuesday we were back at the Ratoath AC track and we did strength and conditioning drills interspersed with a lap of the track or a fast run of half the track.
That night I made plans for Wednesday...I got up and got my bike ready and hit the road. I commuted from my house to the company's data centre in City West, a distance of just over 39k! I had thought it was about 25-28, but I'm glad I didn't map it out in advance - it would have put me off! The working day was reasonably physical - moving and racking servers, re-cabling etc. I walked to a local coffee shop and got a big lunch of lasagne, two salads and tea, water and apple juice, also buying two granola bars on the way back. In the data centre we're not allowed to bring in any liquids or foods, so hydrating wasn't easy! All too soon it came time to start the return home. My legs were tired from the start and the journey home was definitely more uphill than the one there! When I got to the top of one long hill, I actually stopped and checked my rear tire, I could have sworn I had a flat, but it was just my legs not being able to push any faster.
When I had 10k to go my legs were wrecked and I would have loved to stop for a coffee or even a beer! The last part was tough but there's a nice short downhill leading up to my road that was worth waiting for. That was a total of just over 79k cycling in the day! My legs are still feeling it, but the funny thing is I would have loved to go for a run when I got home - weird or what!?!
At home I had some good news, my VFFs have arrived! My kids thought they looked funny when I put them on and they do I guess. I'll be breaking them in slowly and I'll keep you updated!

Keep running,

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