Friday, March 25, 2011

Working up to a taper

This week has been pretty busy for my workouts.
I did my LSR on Sunday for 32.5k, all in zone 2 I'm glad to say. I took Monday off to recover and did the track session on Tuesday. That consisted of a 1.5k run to the track - relaxed - then 6 x 800m at around 4:00 target time. Most of them were over 4:00, but not by a lot and I put the slowness down to my legs feeling a bit tired after Sunday. The run home was by a different route so that was around 2.1k.
On Wednesday morning I got to the gym early (as usual) and did my current workout.  I'm listing that on a seperate page so I don't have to keep taking up space on my posts! I'll keep it current.
Thought for the day in my local gym:

Then yesterday (Thursday) I was itching to run all day, so at about 20:00 I went out and decided to do at least 10k. It was dark and getting cold. It had been 15C earlier! I did 3 loops of the village and home again which was just over 11k and it took 61mins, so nice and relaxed again.
This morning I hit the gym again and did the same workout as Wednesday. I was feeling tired and my leg muscles were finding it tough, but I pushed on through. I did 1.5k in my VFFs and I'm finding them a lot more comfortable now and feel like I could run further and faster. I'm still hesitant about doing that though as I don't want to stuff up my calf muscles two weeks away from a marathon.
So a busy weekend awaits. I have an entry level athletics coaching course tomorrow and the Dunboyne 4 miler on Sunday. I'll most likely be pushing the kids along in the buggy for the race, so I won't be "racing". But my wife is doing it too so it'll be a family occasion. Oh, and I'll be fitting in a LSR there somewhere too...

Keep running,

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