Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Back to basics...

So last week I barely ran. I took five days off with zero running. Partly due to a few niggles and just being busy but also a painful lower back that had been bugging me was just not healing. So I went to my local physio, Ratoath Physiotherapy and I had managed to twist my pelvis into some weird direction which was pulling my lower back muscles. A session on Monday and Wednesday got me "straight" again and I ran on Saturday and felt great!
What I actually did was to do a 3k warmup in the VFFs on the road (1.5k out and back) and then a loop of the village in "normal" runners, which added another 4.3k. After painting the house for 4 hours I needed to get the paint fumes out of my lungs!
On Sunday I still felt good and then on Monday I went to the gym in the morning for my usual workout. On returning home I realised that, apart from some muscle fatigue from the workout, I was feeling no pain, niggles or anything! Sweet!
We had a funeral to go to on Tuesday (my wife's aunt), but I was determined to make the track session that evening. I am usually the only long distance runner in the club, so I join in for some parts of the training and do my own thing (like Yassos) for the rest. This week I wanted to do some speed work, which I haven't been doing much of at all recently.
So the track session went like this:
Run from house to track (1.4k) and two laps (800m) to warm up (all in VFFs)
Then three laps of the track at RP, 100m into the first we sprint for 50m, then return to RP, second lap sprint for 100m, third lap for 150m.
Three minute recovery and do it again.
Then we did timed 50m sprints. We only had to do as many as we were comfortable with, but I did all three to push myself. My splits were 7.2, 7.8 and 7.2 seconds. Happy with that, although the last one was done at "eyeballs about to burst from the skull" effort! During the second 50m I nearly stumbled towards the end - a disadvantage of a grass track. It's great but not quite as flat as a tartan track.
I did a lap cool down and then ran home (1.9k). If you were wondering, I brought a backpack to carry the runners/VFFs while I wasn't wearing them and a water bottle.

Lots of protein drink, water and fruit after I got home and a peanut butter sandwich and more water before going to bed. Haven't slept that good in ages!

Keep running,

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  1. great update eoin. you deserved the break and, by the looks of it, are already back in flying form! only a couple weeks now til the kildare half! :)