Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Decisions, decisions...

I'm recovering from my strained hamstring slowly. I'm icing it still (even as I type) but I'm not running or cycling or even stretching it. So there's about four weeks until the 50k in Portumna. If I jump back into training straight away then I'll most likely re-injure myself. If I don't get some distance in soon I'll crash and burn in the race.
Having said that, doing the race isn't a life or death thing, if I don't do it this year I can do it next year, no biggie.
So, do I back out now and maybe closer to the day feel ok for it? Or, maybe start training again tonight to get as much training in as possible before the day, but risk doing damage? Or maybe the third option: Take it easy two more days and do a light training run on Thursday to test it out?

I think option three is a winner. I'm not going for a time in the race, just to finish the distance. So I reckon I'll do an easy 5-8k on Thursday, and if that's ok another light run on Friday and rest Saturday. All going well I'll try a LSR on Sunday morning.
Fingers crossed!


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  1. look after it...best to run for life rather than risk crashing and burning