Friday, May 20, 2011

Kildare HM

I was unsure on whether to run or race this one. I'd been having hamstring issues for a bit so decided to see how I felt.

I met up with Jgal and Brian and a couple of his running buddies before the start and we all had a good chat - Jgal has a pic of us even! It was chilly with a bit of rain, but the wind had died from previous days. Start was delayed due to the amount of cars trying to get in to join the race, but we got underway and I then realized that my Garmin wasn't logging distance or pace! At about 500m in I powered it off and back on and that fixed the issue. We had aid stations every 5k and a few unofficial ones setup by the locals - very welcome treats :-)
At about 9k I was chatting to a runner I met and I started taking a gel. I squeezed it too quick and it went down my airway! I had to walk, cough and take in a load of water but got back on track. Then I dropped my other gel pack, went back and got it, then dropped my cap and went back for it...I was beginning to think I should get a bus! Anyway I kept going and caught up with the guy I had been chatting to and then overtook him.
I met a girl from my running club with 4k to go but my leg was in a world of hurt by then. The grandstand at the Curragh was a very welcome sight! The last 1k was signposted with distance left: 600m, 400m, 200m.
I pushed my pace as much as I could given my hamstring issue and got an official time of 1:50:04, a new PB! How much time did I waste picking up things I dropped and how much time could I have gained without hamstring issues? We'll never know.Average HR was 166, so not too bad for a 21k run.

Jgal finished shortly after me, sub 2 hours for her first official HM race, mega congrats!!
No time to rest for me. I took the kids swimming, had to do a few hours work later that evening and then get up at 4am to bring my mum to the airport just before starting work!
I went to the physio on Monday and he did some deep tissue work on the hammie and said to keep icing it and not to run for the week. Today, Friday, it's still a bit tender, so it looks like I won't be doing a LSR this weekend. That's a pity as it's only 4 weeks to Portumna. I really need to be getting some long runs in. I know I won't be ready to "race" it, but I'll push on and finish it, hopefully next year I'll be able to do it justice.
Four more half marathons planned for the year, so hopefully I'll be able to get sub 1:45 in at least one of them :-)

Keep running,

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