Friday, May 6, 2011

May monthly update

A thought for the day:
"I'd rather be a failure at something I enjoy 
than a success at something I hate"
George Burns

A little later than usual with this, but here we go...

I'm trying to keep a reasonably steady amount of KMs on the clock per month but building them up slowly too. Looking back over the last few months, this seems to be working. As you can see in the screenshot from DailyMile below, there was a slight dip last month (April) due to tapering for Connemarathon and I took five days off totally to rest at the end of the month too. Bearing that in mind, the totals still seem pretty good.

I am working on a hamstring strain right now and hopefully that will be good by the Kildare HM in just over a week. I'll be taking it easy until then. Kildare is the only real race I have lined up for May, but I'll be (hopefully) getting in some long runs again shortly after that to build up to Portumna!

Keep running,


  1. I have missed so much of your training over the last couple of months Eoin. What happened to your hammie?

  2. Hey Barbie,
    We were doing sprint training and I pushed it a tad too much. I guess I was trying to get the same 50m times as the guys 20-25 years younger than me, ha ha!
    I managed to get 7.2 sec and they were getting about 7 sec, so 2 tenths of a second out isn't bad. I'm tapering for the Kildare HM now anyway :-)