Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New training goals

I hadn't blogged about this, but I entered the lottery for the NYC Marathon this year. After anxiously waiting to see if a mini-holiday was about to happen...it didn't. I was a little disappointed, but it's not the end of the world. I'll enter again next year.
So as I now had a definite opening in my running calender I went and booked myself on the Dublin Marathon (5 days before NYC). I won't get a holiday out of it, but I guess I'll save on flights and a hotel!
It'll be good to have less hills in DCM than there was in the Connemarathon and I'll be able to set a realistic marathon goal, which I wasn't able to do before. As to what time I'm aiming for? Not sure yet, I'll see how the training goes.
So the speed session at the track took a bit out of me last Tuesday, actually it feels like a bit out of my right hamstring! It hasn't been the same since, so I'm keeping an eye on it. (It feels like either the Biceps Femoris, Long or the Semitendinosus to be precise!)
I took Thursday off to recover and on Friday I did a session in the gym, which went fine. I ended it with 3k on the treadmill in the VFFs. I'm slowly (read: very slowly) building up my distance in them. I then took Saturday off, which is a usual recovery day for me and drove to Pheonix Park on Sunday for my LSR. I had decided to do 20k or over, so I did a slow 3k warmup on the grass in the VFFs and then switched to my Asics before setting off.
I had to work the previous evening from 21:00 to 00:45 and I also had a couple of glasses of wine (the joys/pitfalls of working from home!), so my energy levels could have been a tad better. After 7k, both of my hamstrings felt a bit tender, but they eased up later. Towards the end my right hamstring felt sore again and stayed that way for the remainder. I felt like stopping after about 11k when I passed by the car, but I pushed on. It was a really sunny day, but a bit windy, so if you stopped for too long you got a bit cold.
After 18k I had no energy left in me so I stopped and jogged the 1.5k or so back to the car and did some stretching on the warm grass. Despite the niggles, I had done 22k or so for the day, so not too shabby.
Monday was a recovery day, and my hamstring was still bothering me. I walked for about 4k with the kids, nice and slow to get the legs loose. Then this morning I hit the gym again and added in bosu ball pushups as recommended by Sandi on DM. I had done my 50 pushups for my warmup and on the bosu ball I did another 4 x 10 sets, so 90 pushups before 07:00, not bad!

We have our track session tonight, but I can't make it as I'm picking up my Mum from the airport. I'll try a light/short run tomorrow, with more stretching later tonight.

Keep running,


  1. Great stuff Eoin! Sorry you didn't get to NYC but it'll still be there :)

  2. Great new goals Eoin nd gld you're getting on with the VFF's :)