Thursday, May 26, 2011

Some progress...and Irish Runner Episode 6

Today I did my first run in well over a week. It felt good to be running again, albeit on a treadmill. I did 3k in just over 17 mins, taking it easy. The difficult part wasn't form, breathing etc. It was staying upright as I was running.
You see, over the last week or so I've started getting bouts of vertigo whenever I move. When I say move, this might be running, walking, climbing stairs, brushing my teeth...not good.
I went to the doctor about it yesterday and was told that it probably isn't a big deal (yea, right) and was given some pills to take. Apparently the pills work after you *stop taking them* (eh?) and the doc said "we don't know how they work, but they do". I was sooo brimming with confidence after that conversation...
Oh yea, the hamstring was fine BTW.

Also, here's the Irish Runner podcast Episode 6:


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