Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Build up and LSR

This last week has been all about building up some good distance/speedwork and getting in a LSR. I did a mammoth gym session on Monday, knowing I wouldn't get a chance to go again the rest of the week. Tuesday was club training at the track, Wednesday I did two laps of the village for about 7.6k (all I could fit in).
Thursday I took off, main reason was that I hadn't been doing a lot of training, so I didn't want a blowout.
Friday I did the same village loop twice, but it had gone up 5 degrees C in the previous two days! It was very warm and humid, so my pace was not what I would have liked. When I got home I had my recovery drink and poured a litre of water over my head - which the kids thought was a bit weird, but if felt pretty good!
Saturday we took off to a hotel in Druid's Glen in Wicklow. I was on call all week and as soon as we put our bags in the hotel room I got called and had to go online and work, but only for 30mins or so. We brought the kids to Greystones to climb the seaside rocks and mess around and then did some swimming in the hotel pool. Dinner was excellent, I love the food in this place!
I got called for work a couple of times during the night, so had interrupted sleep. We were only staying one night, so checked out and drove home on Sunday. Then I spent four hours painting the dining room while the rest of the family visited the in-laws.
With the painting done, it was overcast and raining, so I decided I needed to go for a run! It was nearly 18:00 by the time I had done faffing about and got out the door. I brought my 1.5L hydration pack, a bottle of Powerade, gels and Endurolytes, RoadID, Garmin and a headlight. After about 5k I realized I should have brought my shades too.
I hadn't had a big lunch, mainly fruit and water, but breakfast was big and healthy. My usual route for the distance I was hoping for would have been too busy with traffic at this time, so I had to wing it. The clouds were shifting and the sun came out. Headlight not required, but shades would have been nice. The first 20k was plain sailing, felt good and had a nice pace (about 5:20min/k), although I was trying to conserve some energy. From the 19k point I was running into the wind, which was a bit draining, and my pace soon slowed to about 6min/k. I was taking an Endurolyte every 30mins and a gel every 9k. I used my Powerade (500ml) first and dumped the bottle in a bin en route at about 10k. From then on I was on water.
When I was nearly back at the house I knew I would only be at about 24k, still 6k short of my target, so I passed he house and ran into the village the long way. On the return I had the wind at my back and felt better, then realized I would still be a little shy of 30k, so I turned back into the wind for a minute. That was pretty draining, as it was uphill too. When I turned again I was glad to be heading home, but had to run past the house and down the street for a couple of hundred metres and back again to get 30k on the clock. Overall pace was 5:47 and time of 2:54. This is my fastest 30k yet, which is good as I wasn't going for pace, just by how I felt. Average HR was 153, so happy with that too.
Left shin is a bit sore today, and it's Track Tuesday, so I'll see how I feel later but I may give training a miss and focus on long term goals instead.
Keep running,

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