Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Club Championships, training sites and hydration

So last night was the 2nd annual Club Championships for Ratoath AC, which I'm a member of. The evening was focused on the kids and we tried not to make it too competitive.
There was age groups from u6 right up to u16 and a parents 60m dash. I'm proud to say that my son came 3rd in the u6 60m race (he's not even 5 yet!). His best bud came in first, so I'm sure there'll be some good ribbing in school today!
I was on hand partly as I'm an Assistant Coach for the kids and partly as a designated first aider, so I had to hang around until the bitter end. There was a lot of laughs and it was great to see some of the kids running barefoot (we use a grass track). The u9 girl's race was won barefoot even!
It rained on and off most of the evening, but it didn't dampen our spirits. About half way through the awards at the end I stripped off my track suit and packed it in my backpack (along with my first aid kit and umbrella and water) and headed off on my run.
I had been to the gym in the morning before work and did 3k in the VFFs, but wanted to get a longer run in. So I ran from the track past my house (about 1.2k) and out the Kilbride Road and back. I used the same 10k out and back that I normally run, which is clocked at 10.2 to 10.3k, so I logged it as a 11.5k run. Even if that's 100m out it's no biggie in the grand scheme of things.
Training has been going well. I wasn't happy about deferring Portumna, but I wasn't in shape for it, simple as that. It was the first big race and defined goal that I'd had to back away from but I wasn't enjoying my training and I was pushing myself too hard. Since then I took a couple of days off and started running relaxed again, with no definite time/distance for my runs. Feels great!
The next race I'm entered in is the Clontarf HM on July 3rd. It's billed as "Ireland's flattest half marathon". by the elevation it sure looks flat, but it's run on road, grass and beach, so not as fast as you may think. But I haven't done it before, so we'll see how it goes. The weekend coming I will be away diving in West Cork with a bunch of friends, so I will have to get a run in on Friday and taper from there.
Also worthy of note, I stopped posting my runs on DailyMile and started using RunAhead. I had various reasons for this, mostly because RunAhead has a more granular way of adding in details about the run and can graph them accordingly. Also, I've had issues with DM not syncing my Garmin, but never had those issues with RA. I'm now posting on both sites, in case one goes down and I lose everything - you never know.
Recently my old 1.5L hydration pack gave up on me. Actually the kids got it and it has been leaking like a sieve since. It only cost $19.95, so I'm not too bothered. So I went out and got a 3L Camelbak Octane XCT for €67.
I like the Camelbak, but it hugs my back so I get sweaty so more grooves in the padding would be good. Also, the hose could be 4-6 inches longer, as I think it's a bit short. It does have two side zipped pockets though and a cargo stash at the back for a rain jacket etc, so all good. 3L is probably more than I'll need. The pack only weighs 320g, but when you add in 3kg for the full bladder and gels and rain jacket etc, it does get heavy for running and I can feel it moving about on my back. It has a chest strap and another strap lower down (above the waist), but you don't want them too tight.
Anyway, I think I've blogged plenty for today!

Keep running,

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