Wednesday, June 1, 2011

SR but not L and monthly update

On Sunday my hammie was feeling much improved, so I decided I had to get a run in, long one if possible. I drove to the Pheonix park with gels, hydration pack, recovery drink etc and of course it was raining :-(
I set off anyway, deciding on letting my leg tell me when was enough. It was quite windy but about half way the rain stopped and it wasn't too cold. I kept the pace easy and constant and my HR the same but about the 8k mark my hammie started complaining. I kept going but at about 10.5k I had to stop as I didn't want a relapse of the issue.
I went to the gym again on Monday as I knew I wouldn't get a chance the rest of the week and I really pushed myself. It included a 5k treadmill run done in 24:10, just less than a minute over my PB. Best of all - no pain!
Tuesday was track night with the club. I ran over to the school where we coach the kids and coached for the hour before going to the track just beside it. I did 3 x 400m warmup at a relaxed pace, then we did dynamic stretches and 20m sprints at 75-85%. After that we did 10 x 200m with a 30sec SR. There was 10 of us doing them and I was consistently coming in third, without racing it. I knew there was 10 to do, so no point in wearing myself out before the end. On the last one, I decided to push things and went all out from 50m. I took the lead but was beaten in the last 10m. Well she's done more marathons than me, is generally more experienced and a lot younger. Those are my excuses and I'm sticking to them!
We did 5 x 400m laps to wind down and after a chat with the group I ran home.
So for the month of May my totals have slipped a bit, down about 30k on April. That's down mainly to my hamstring issue. But I feel like I'm back on track now (excuse the pun!).

With just over two weeks to go before the Portumna 50k I really need to get a good LSR in this weekend. Physically I need to be comfortable with +30k and mentally I need to have my head in the right place. Getting my positive attitude will be a big help on the day, especially in the last 10k or so.
Keep running,

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