Thursday, July 14, 2011

General update June/July

Well I haven't posted a monthly update for June, that's because I was in between two different websites for logging all my runs (went from DailyMile to RunAhead). Some are entered on both sites, some one one and some on neither. It's something over 125k running last month, but I'm not sure by how much, and I don't have the time or inclination to go and figure it out. I could go into Garmin TC and check, but other things in life are more important!
So this Saturday is the first of three races in the Dublin Marathon series, the Irish Runner 8k (known as the 5 miler, but I work in metric). The last 8k race I did was on Paddy's Day and I had indigestion for it and still managed 36mins and a bit, but it was quite flat. This time I won't have the stomach issue, but there's a 1k hill right at the end, and oh yea, there will be upwards of 6,500 runners on narrow roads too. There's three waves and I'll be in wave 1, which is for sub 40min runners. But it's self seeded, so anyone can jump right in and slow you down if they feel like it. I'm hoping for a reasonable time, sub 35min would be good. Rain is forecast and that would be welcome as it's pushing to 20 degrees these days - when its not raining of course :-)

Keep running,

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