Saturday, July 23, 2011

Marathon training update - week 3

So I'm in full on marathon training right now. I had one recovery week after the Clontarf HM, eh, which I didn't do. But things have been getting busy last week and this week. To give you a flavour, here's how this week went:
Monday - Rest
Tuesday - In the gym for 06:00 and 1:45 of core and upper body work, no big weights but enough reps to have me tired. Then that evening was track session: Run to the track and 800m warmup (2.2k total), then 6 x 100m sprints with a 3min recovery at the end then 5 x 800m with a target of around 3:45. I only went over that target once, so maybe I'm going out too fast...Anyway, I ran home after to cool down, so that's 1.4k or so. I had run over in the VFFs and brought my Asics to change into, but when I got there I realized that I had forgotten my I did the lot in the VFFs...
Wednesday - An easy 10.5k run, but I could only start it after 21:30, and it was raining. So I had my high viz vest and headlight on for the wet run!
Thursday - Up at silly o'clock for the same gym session as Tuesday, then in the evening an easy run in the VFFs, covered 7.3k
Friday - Another track session. Run over and 800m was 2.2k. Then 7 x 80m sprints (I meant to do 6, but lost count and only realized I had done 7 when I saw the Garmin readout at home later!), I took a 3-4 minute recovery and then did a tough training run. I was actually nervous about doing this: A 15 minute hard run around the track and check what distance I got. Do the same in two months and see what improvements I have made, if any. I went out too fast (sub 3:20min/k) to be able to sustain it and had to back off. I was checking the Garmin every minute or so, willing the clock to move faster. Mentally this was definitely the toughest training run I have ever done. I know now that I am being too competitive with myself and pushing myself too much. The fine art of negative splits was out the window on this one! Even the cool down run home was tiring...
So I have today (Saturday) as a rest day, but I had to get some stuff done. I ended up cycling about 15k to different shops to get bits and then spending a few hours painting and cutting grass etc. Then I had to do some actual work from 18:30 until after 02:00...and I have a LSR to do tomorrow, ugh...
Update: The LSR went ok, but slow. I had a lack of energy from working late so my pace was slow. But I still did a little over 23k in 2:20. I'll have to improve on that pace if I am going to get my marathon goal time.

Keep running,

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