Tuesday, August 2, 2011

July monthly update

July really seems to have gone by pretty quick for me. Probably due to being quite busy with family, work and training! So here's the roundup:
 Last month I ran a total of 217km and when you take into account cycling etc it goes up to 255km. That's the most running in one month I've ever done, and it is only set to increase. So just the last two weeks were dedicated to full on marathon training, the week before was technically a recovery week. This month plans to be quite tough, as I'll be doing 90min mid-week runs, my LSRs will be longer and I'll still be doing two speed/intense sessions a week. With five days running a week, and getting to the gym for cross training twice a week I am really enjoying my recovery days!
This morning I was in the gym just after 6am and I have a track session tonight. Haven't decided what I'll do at the track, but probably sprints (80 or 100m) followed by 5 x 800m Yassos.
Just 13 weeks left until the Dublin Marathon!

Keep running,

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