Monday, August 8, 2011

LSR and fueling

So yesterday marked the end of week 4 of DCM training (Dublin City Marathon). I clocked up about 67k over the week and am really enjoying the hard training. Having said that, I'm enjoying the rest/recovery days immensely! I use them as an excuse to pile in the (healthy) calories.
Yesterday's LSR was to be about 2:40hrs long at a relaxed pace. Some online calculators suggest this to be around 6min/k for me, so I'm happy with that, but at times I wander up to 5:30min/k when I'm enjoying the run. I've been finding on these longer runs that I don't like taking in too many gels, but if I don't, then my energy levels drop off after the two hour mark. I've tried different gels and jelly sweets, none of which settle well in my stomach.
So I was in Sean's shop on Saturday (IrishFit) and saw a new product on the shelf. I was originally going in to buy some recovery drink and got chatting to the man himself. I pointed at the tub of Hammer Perpeteum Solids and asked what he thought of them and he was glowing about them (being an Ironman and Ultraman himself!). So I said I'd think about it and put them back and then picked it up again and ended up buying the tub.
It contains 765g (about 30 tablets) of chewable energy. You can also buy the dispenser (in the pic above) that fits 6 tablets. The suggestion is to take 1 before the run/endurance event and then between 1-4 per hour depending on the intensity of the activity and the individual requirements. I took 1 before the run and brought 7 with me (in case I lost any) in a dispenser the pocket of my Camelbak. I also brought 2 GU gels in case I felt really low on energy. As a test, I took one tablet every 20mins and an Endurolyte every 30mins (which is my normal electrolyte intake on a run). As you can see in the pic below, they are pretty big and are not meant to be swallowed whole!!
They are chalky and chewable, but took me about 2mins to chew completely. I found it best to push it to one side of my mouth while chewing, take in some water and breathe along the other side of my mouth. It sounds a lot more complicated that it was. After 1:40hrs of running I felt fine and decided to spread it out to 30mins and see how I felt. So I took one at about 2:10hrs into the run and kept taking the Endurolytes as usual. Even at the end of the run (27.3k) I felt like I had a good deal of energy left, and probably could have gone further.
Overall I think they are awkward to ingest, but the slow energy release definitely suits me better than gels. The small 6 tablet dispenser is also a good way to carry them. They do stick to your teeth, but that's not a big deal. So yes, I'll be using them in preference to gels in the future.

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  1. Let me know how you get on with these over the next few weeks. I was looking at the Hammer products the other day and was interested in this product.