Monday, August 29, 2011

Why I'm running the Dublin Marathon

A lot of people run marathons, the number is increasing year on year. It's great to see that in days of people only getting busier and "always connected" to work, that we care about ourselves and our health and longevity.
I've done a number of charity events over the years. These include a solo parachute jump from 2,000 feet for the blind, shaving my head for cancer research to name just two.
This year I wanted to run the Dublin Marathon for my Dad. He died from cancer when I was 22 and I think about him every day. I'd like to show him how much I've grown and for him to see my own kids and how they are doing.
Then last month, someone rang our door bell and asked me to donate money to Barnardos Ireland. I didn't have any money on me, but really wanted to help. Kids are unable to help themselves, vulnerable, but are also the future.
So I rang Barnardos and asked about their fundraising and they were only too happy to get me onboard.
I have since been sent out a sponsorship pack and have my own sponsorship page here.
I am only too aware how hard times are these days for each and every one of us. But also, Barnardos is having it's funding cut too, so children that are desperately in need may not get the help they require.
If you can, please just donate a small amount, every little helps!

Many thanks,

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