Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dublin Marathon training update

Just under five weeks left until the Dublin Marathon. It feels really close, but there's a lot of work still to be done.
One thing I'm going to work on (again) is my fueling for long runs. My LSR last Saturday was nasty. I was scheduled to run at an easy pace (conversational) for 3 hrs and 20 mins, which I did. But, after the 2hr mark it was a battle the whole way. I had been having lower GI issues the previous day and I still wasn't 100% going into the run. If I hadn't been working up to the marathon I would most likely have left it at 23-25k and gone home, but I stuck it out for a little over 33k in all.
Here's what I wrote just after the run...
After 60mins nearly barfed, kept going
1:30 - Not feeling great, ate a cereal bar to settle stomach, helped.
2:00 Nearly barfed again,kept going
2:30 Another cereal bar, helped again.
3:00 The end is in sight, lifted the spirits
3:20 Time to walk, nearly choked taking last endurolyte!
The last 600m or so I took off my runners and socks and walked on the wet grass as much as possible, felt good. Time for a cold bath and hot food :-)

I had scrambled egg and toast along with a protein drink post-run. Then plenty of time to put the feet up, take in water and fruit and watch a movie. I wasn't expecting to have the house to myself but I enjoyed the silence.
Last week was tricky logistically and I had to rearrange most of my runs and ended up moving the Friday run to Monday. That means I did four runs last week and will do six this week. This Sunday will also be my last of the really long, long runs before I start to wind down. I won't be tapering yet, just backing off the load a bit.
Last week I also did two runs in the VFFs on consecutive days, for the first time. My legs are fine with VFF runs up to about 8-9k, so I thought if I did a good bit of stretching and foam rolling in between it would be fine. It wasn't... My calves were tight as hell for a couple of days, so a bit of work on there too.
There's a free barefoot running clinic coming up soon, so I'm looking forward to that and will hopefully get a few tips on easing out the calves.

Keep running,

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