Thursday, September 8, 2011

Marathon training - 8 weeks left

So this is my second marathon coming up. For the first one (Connemarathon in April) I had very little structure to my training and looking back, it shows. I had to do a fair bit of walking towards the end of the race, had a LOT of glute pain and as a result was disappointed with my time.
This time around, I have a much more structured training approach, I do tough work on my glutes in the gym twice a week and I have raised my expectations regarding a time. Publicly I'm aiming for under 4 hours, privately I also have another time goal :-)
My training still has me running 5 times a week, which I was already doing. But I'm now doing two speed sessions a week, two "easy" runs and one LSR at an easy pace. Easy being defined as conversational pace. One of my easy runs is a mid-week run that is up to about 15k and will be getting longer.
On Tuesday's I train at the club track and fall in line with what the coaches get the advanced group to do. This could be strength/conditioning, Yasso 800's or this week it was 1,600m repeats (that's roughly a mile for all you fuddy duddys out there). I must admit that I tend to go at my own pace and if someone goes slower or faster then I let them do their own thing.
The Dublin Half Marathon is coming up in just over a week and despite it being a tricky course, I'm aiming for a PB. My current PB is 1:50:04 (stopping to pick up a gel that I dropped cost me the sub 1:50 time), and I'm aiming for around 1:48, but if I get lower I'll grab it with both hands!

Keep running,

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