Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Marathon taper injury

No, I'm not having phantom niggles, this is an *actual* injury. I was doing my not so L LSR on Sunday, starting to taper, and about 17k in the tendon at the back of my right knee gave me a quick shock of pain. I started walking and after 30sec or so it felt ok, so I started to try a jog, it was worse. It was so bad that I came to a total standstill. So I still had a little over 4k to get home and I had to walk/hobble very slowly, in fact that 4k took 50mins!
Anyway, I iced it and rested, Monday was a rest day anyway. I made an appointment with my local physio for Tuesday and backed out of the track session and coaching the kids that evening. I couldn't even go up or down stairs properly. Anyway, the physio said it wasn't too bad, but there was a strain to the bottom and mid parts of my hamstring and also one of my glutes on that side, which I didn't know about before.
So no running yesterday and today I was meant to do a 1:30hr run, but I don't want to risk it (and I wouldn't have the time!). Tomorrow I have a 40min run on the cards, so I'll do that in the VFFs and take it from there.
Only about 10 days to go to the Dublin Marathon. If I take my half marathon time, multiply it by 2 and add 10% then my marathon time is under 4hrs, which would be nice. I'm thinking of going out with the 4:15 pacers though, so I don't go too fast. I can put a bit of pace on towards the end if I'm feeling ok. Time will tell!!

Keep running,

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