Monday, October 3, 2011

Running on noodles...

So we have finished with September and are now into the month of the Dublin Marathon. This day in four weeks over 13,000 people will be running/jogging/walking/crawling around the city streets. Some just trying to finish, some trying to complete it running and some aiming to get under a particular time and set a PB.
My primary goal will be to finish faster than I did in Connemara, which was 4:26. Secondary goal is sub-4hrs. As I've missed a couple of LSRs last month for various reasons, I'll be happy to get a PB, but if sub-4 is within my reach then I'll go for it.
The LSR yesterday went so much better than last week. The night before, I had a big helping of sirloin steak with spuds and carrots, followed later with fruit. I don't eat much red meat and almost never eat mince, but I thought my iron levels could do with the boost.
The morning of the run I had my usual porridge with raisins, then tea, toast and numerous sips of water. It had been raining pretty heavy the day before and more rain was forecast, but when I started out it was overcast, not too warm and no rain. I had been told that I may have been going too fast on my LSRs recently. Last week's run was at a target pace equivalent to a sub-4hr marathon pace. So this time I dialed it back to a 6min/k pace and kept it there as much as I could. About 40mins into the run, at the side of the road I spotted a dead rabbit, that looked like it had been hit by a car or truck, it had since been picked pretty much clean. Around the 1hr mark, I saw what looked like lots of thin white slugs on the road until I got closer and realized it was noodles! I reckon someone bought a box of noodles at a take away and chucked them out the window on the way home or wherever, nice.
Anyway, time moved on, as did I. I got to a T junction with 50mins left to run. If I went left I'd get home sooner, but would have to run up & down the road to make up time. So I went right and ran for 15mins, turned around and started running back home. For the last 20mins I decided to run at MP, just for the mental edge of being able to push myself after having done close to 30k already. It was pretty tough, having spent 3hrs on my feet running already, but it was simulating race day too. I got to the required 3 hrs 20mins and started walking. It had been raining for the last hour so I was pretty well soaked, and I was tired, but happy to have it done.
I had my recovery drink when I got home, and had a hankering for chicken noodles (!), so had them, got cleaned up and took it easy for the afternoon at a kids party.
Today (the day after) I'm feeling pretty good, little or no leg stiffness, just an overall tired feeling.
Keep running,

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