Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I'm intolerant, time to deal with it

I was told by a gym instructor last year that "nutrition is 60% of your training". Since then I have paid a lot more attention to my preparation and recovery from training runs and races, and got a PB in all but one race I toed the line at. Kinda speaks for itself as far as I can see, but being a data nerd, I needed to know if there was anything else I could improve on. I don't want to get OTT about it, but I want to be sure I'm not doing myself harm nutrition wise either.
It was when I saw an advert for food intolerance testing that I saw a way to get even more information than I already had. The test is a small blood sample that was taken at my local chemists. They sent it away to a lab to get tested and about 2 weeks later I got the results. In fact I got the results after work yesterday...
Before I went along for the review I made a mental note of what I thought would be "trouble foods": onions, mushrooms and possibly wheat.
When the chemist sat me down we had a look over the three pages of results. They are broken down by their scoring according to how your blood sample had reacted. Zero to 24 are green (ok to eat), 24 - 30 is yellow (take in moderation) and over 30 is red - AVOID!!
For onions I got zero, mushrooms were 15, wheat also 15...but then at the very bottom there were two items in red...the pic below says it all, Baker's Yeast - 193!

So, I have a yeast intolerance, and a pretty big one too! This can (according to the booklet I was given) "progress to increased sensitivity to chemicals, dampness (i.e. arthritis), anxiety and infection".
For the next 12 weeks, I am to try to totally avoid all foods with yeast, wheat and dairy and anything that may increase the sugar in my stomach. I also have to try and stick to low GI foods to wipe out the issue. Apparently a yeast intolerance gives you stomach problems, so probiotics are a must. Acidophilus tablets are already being taken and I have switched to wheat and yeast free bread and soy milk.
Astonishingly, having only been on this diet for less than 24 hours, I can already feel my long term sinus blockage clearing. Wonder what the rest of the 12 weeks will bring, and how it will affect my running (when I can get back to it!).



  1. Hi Eoin,

    I was reading your blog and was wondering if you would be interested to share it on runireland.com

    Sebastien Locteau

  2. Wow! (It's Holly T. from Daily Mile.) I wonder where I can get that test done. I am so so curious...