Monday, June 25, 2012

Race report - Dunshaughlin 10k

Dunshaughlin AC had their 33rd annual 10k race last Saturday. It was my first time at this race and I'd definitely recommend it for next year. This year had the biggest turnout so far with 647 finishers.
I met up with Keith and Tom and a few locals in the Community Centre beforehand and went over our individual aspirations for the race, pacing and times etc. I (jokingly) said that my tactic was to "run like mad for the first 9k and then hang on until the end". I picked up my bib number, t-shirt etc. It was about 14 degrees but windy with light rain on and off.
I did some dynamic stretching and then with 15minutes to go we did a light run out to the start line and chatted to a few people until we were under way. I had decided to set the garmin virtual training partner up on my watch, so I knew how my overall pace was going. I've used it before successfully, but this time (for some reason) it messed up and told me I was about two minutes slower by the 5k mark, so I just stopped looking at it and ran by feel.
The course wound back to Ratoath up to just past the half way mark. A nice touch was having a race clock at the 5k point. I glanced at the clock and saw 22:xx on it, only slightly slower than my 5k PB. I told myself to "chill the **** out and slow down a bit". After that we turned right and right again to be met with a few small hills. I didn't know there would be hills, and they made me lose my focus a bit and dented the pace. There were water stations every 2k or so, which were great, but I can't drink and run, I just end up choking. I think one of the water stations was unofficial and just setup by a family outside their house!
There was lots of people out to cheer us on in the last kilometer. At this point, I caught up to a guy running whilst holding his left ribcage, I presumed he had a stitch. I ran alongside him and chatted. He did have a stitch and I said I'd stay with him. I was calling out the distance left, 800m...700m. With just 100m to go he took off again.
Photo credit - Rory Mooney
Then I saw the finish line clock with 44:xx on it!!
 Up to this my legs were feeling heavy, but somehow I decided to sprint. I overtook the guy I'd been running with and two other runners in the last 30m.
At the finish line we were offered water, bananas and even strawberries with cream! After a brief chat (it was raining again at this point) we jogged back to the Community Centre to cool down and got some tea/coffee, cakes, sandwiches, fruit etc.
Many thanks to the organizers, excellent job!


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