Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Racing, the foot issue and plans

Racing has been going really well this year. I've broken a PB in all but one distance I've done (half marathon, more on that later) and broken my 5k PB three times in two months. Happy days!
I think part of the reason is due to transitioning to VFFs for the majority of my training runs and races. I wrote an article about it and the good folk at Barefoot Ireland decided to post it in full, I won't repost it here though, you can read it on their site.
I would have liked to break my half marathon PB of 1:45:30, and that was the plan. But, two weeks before the race I landed badly on a rock/stone on the road during a long run and one of the muscles in my right foot swelled up and has been taking it's sweet time in recovering. I was at the physio last night and she was surprised it hadn't healed, so no running again for this week. I did the HM in 1:47, in pain, but I had done the challenge I had set out to accomplish.
Next on the schedule is the Killarney Adventure Race in less than two weeks. I was going to do it on my own, but during a discussion with two friends over christmas drinks last year we decided to do it as a relay. We're doing the 57k route, which consists of: Mountain Run - 7.5km, Road bike - 35km, Kayak - 1.5km, Mountain Run - 8km and Road Bike - 4km. One of the guys is a very keen cyclist and has just finished a 180k cycle with friends, in about 7 hours. He will be doing all the cycling! The other guy will be doing the kayak as he has an issue with his foot too, and I'll be doing the two mountain runs. We're not going to be "racing" it, just having a laugh and using it as an excuse to meet up really!
After that the only racing plans I have for this year are either the Waterford HM or the Jingle Bells 5k. Unfortunately both are on the same day, so I'll probably end up doing the 5k as it's closer to home. 
Shortly after that I'll be doing my "Birthday Run", running 1km for each year on my birthday. A bit of planning and training needs to be done for that though.
I've already signed up for a marathon in 2013 and have two other races scheduled, but not booked next year. 

Keep running,

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