Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Foot issue update #2

Since the end of November, I've had a pain on the underside of my right foot. Almost like I've got something in my shoe, but under the skin. Not pleasant! It was quite bad for a while, but since seeing my doctor and going on NSAIDS it's improved, or at least the swelling has gone down.
I had x-rays, but they came back all clear, so it's probably not a stress fracture. I was given a month's worth of very strong NSAIDS, but last Saturday I stopped taking them, and it hasn't got any worse. I don't think taking those meds would be good for my stomach!
I've recently had an appointment with an Orthopedic Surgeon confirmed, it's about 3 weeks away. In a way I hope the issue stays long enough so I can show it to him and he can tell me exactly what it is, but I also want to get back running ASAP...
In the meantime, I'm meant to be running in the Bohermeen Half Marathon on the first weekend in March. A lot of the runners I help out with at the club will be running it too, or the 5k that is at the same place on the same day. So I'm eager to be able to run by then as you can imagine.
It's also just nine weeks to my next marathon - Connemarathon!
To keep my fitness up has been tricky, as I can't put too much pressure on the ball of my foot, so no running or cycling. But, I've gone back to the rowing machine and am using bodyweight exercises and free weights to keep myself active and as fit as I can.
This morning I did 4 x 1,000m on the rower with 1min rest between east rep. Tough going, but my times were 4:09, 4:15, 4:18 and 4:15. The third set was tough, but I pulled it back on the last as I knew I didn't have to conserve energy.
Here's hoping I'll be able to get out running again soon, with or without the surgeon or surgery!

Keep running/cycling/swimming/rowing!!


Thursday, January 24, 2013

Update on foot issue

As I mentioned in my last post, I had an x-ray of my foot as it had been 5-6 weeks with no big improvement. It took a week for the x-rays to travel the 30k or so from the hospital to my doctor, I could have crawled on broken glass faster than that!
Anyway, the x-rays are clear so the doctor did what doctors do best - he gave me prescription anti-inflammatory drugs. When I went to get the prescription filled the chemist was a bit surprised at the strength and quantity, so was I!
A week after taking them and I got on the gym bike for 25 mins yesterday as a cool down after doing some free weights. Today my foot was sore all day, so the issue is still there. I've been emailing a local Physio and he has recommended a Sports Injury Clinic not too far from here, probably 30-40mins drive. I'm trying to get an appointment with them so hopefully it'll be something they can identify and clear up pretty quick.

Will keep you posted!