Thursday, January 24, 2013

Update on foot issue

As I mentioned in my last post, I had an x-ray of my foot as it had been 5-6 weeks with no big improvement. It took a week for the x-rays to travel the 30k or so from the hospital to my doctor, I could have crawled on broken glass faster than that!
Anyway, the x-rays are clear so the doctor did what doctors do best - he gave me prescription anti-inflammatory drugs. When I went to get the prescription filled the chemist was a bit surprised at the strength and quantity, so was I!
A week after taking them and I got on the gym bike for 25 mins yesterday as a cool down after doing some free weights. Today my foot was sore all day, so the issue is still there. I've been emailing a local Physio and he has recommended a Sports Injury Clinic not too far from here, probably 30-40mins drive. I'm trying to get an appointment with them so hopefully it'll be something they can identify and clear up pretty quick.

Will keep you posted!


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