Friday, March 1, 2013

Foot issue - update #3

I was hoping to *not* have another update to this saga, but I'd also like to not have to work for a living, sometimes we don't get to choose.
So, I had an appointment with an Orthopedic Surgeon to fix my foot...and two days away from it I cancelled. I figured he would just poke and prod my foot, send me for a scan (which I can't really afford) and want to slice me open. I don't think that's the correct route to go, so I spoke to my local physio again. He recommended I go to a Foot specialist in Dublin. I made the appointment and saw him last Friday afternoon.
I told him the history, and that I reckoned it was a Morton's Neuroma and would need a steroid injection. He poked and prodded my feet and in the end agreed with me. The risk of giving me the injection (in my foot) was that if it wasn't a neuroma then it wouldn't do any good. Not a big risk, so we went for it.
The needle went in, between the second and third metatarsals and felt fine. After driving home (about 40 minutes), it started to feel tender and got worse as the evening went on. The next day I couldn't put runners or boots on my foot due to the swelling and took an anti-inflammatory, which helped, but I didn't get much sleep that night. Sunday I couldn't walk or put much weight on the foot and Monday wasn't much better. On Tuesday I started to feel like the worst of the swelling etc had gone. Thursday (yesterday) it felt like the neuroma is smaller alright, but still there. However I was told to give it a week before I'd know if it's improved or not.
If it hasn't improved, then it may not be a neuroma, and I'll need an MRI scan. If it's improved a bit, then I'll most likely need another steroid injection (I'm dreading it already!). And of course if it's 100% better then we did the right thing.

Ok, today is Friday, a whole week after the injection and not only is my foot tender to walk on (sometimes) but I can *feel* the neuroma when I press on the ball of my foot...made another appointment with the foot specialist for next Friday. Another week goes by with no running...

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