Friday, April 5, 2013

Working around the workouts

So if you've been reading this blog, following me on Twitter etc, you will have gathered that I have an ongoing issue with my right foot. Not an "injury" as such, but I can't run and can't even cycle much without pain. Even using the rower leaves my foot in pain later in the day.
So as a runner, as I can't run, what do I do....sit around until I can run again? No. I use the extra time to work on nutrition, strength and conditioning. I'm working my core a lot, along with arms/shoulders/back/chest/glutes etc.
I did a bit of a different format for the workout today. Not being able to use my right foot much I'm kind of limited with the exercises I can do, so I had to shake it up a bit so I wouldn't get bored.

I started off with some dynamic stretching, then pushups, climbers, myotatic crunches, swiss ball knee tucks, flutter kicks and wiper crunches.
Then followed it with...
2 sets of (dips - 10 and chinups - 10)
Bench press - 2 x 10, 4 x 8
Bicep curls - 2 x 8 per arm
Hip thrusts - 2 x 15
Chinups - 2 x 10
Leg curls - 2 x 8, 2 x , 3 x 4
Bench press - 3 x 8
Chinups - 2 x 10
Dips - 2 x 10
Bench press - 2 x 8
Biceps - 2 x 8

Gym bike for cool down, only 15mins, but it's good to cool down properly and flush out the lactic acid. I know my foot will be sore later, but in the long term a correct cool down is worth the short term foot pain. 
I have an appointment to get work done on my foot tomorrow. The specialist assured me (on the phone) that I'll be fine in roughly three treatments. Time will tell!


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