Monday, October 14, 2013

Post-KAR recovery week

Now that KAR is over for another year (no, it's just something in my eye!), I've had a week to recover and reflect. I've still been training some too.
I took Sunday and Monday off apart from some light, short walks. Tuesday had me back in the gym with the warm up and cool down on the bike - low impact & low intensity. No leg work, that's for sure! The next two days were similar except I also did an easy 5k run on Thursday. It went well, but I'd been having a tight IT band in my right leg since the race. After dinner it was time to go Kenpo training and I got 2hrs 15mins in. Nothing high intensity, just working on forms and techniques.
That evening I started feeling like a head cold was coming on and didn't sleep much. Usually when these two happen together I put it down to my body being too busy recovering from racing/training and take a day off, so Friday was a rest day.
Felt ok on Saturday, so I did 64-65k on the bike. It was cold and I had my wind cheater jacket on the whole time. By the end my fingerless cycling gloves were not enough to keep me warm and even though I had put my overshoes on my feet were like lumps of ice. That evening I went online and bought a turbo trainer.
I've mentioned before that I'll run in almost any weather (-6 in shorts on one occasion), but I'm definitely a fair-weather cyclist.
Sunday was dull and overcast, much like Saturday, but I went out and did a 10k run in the VFFs. For the first 60% of it my legs felt a bit tired, but they felt better towards the end and I picked up the pace. About 15 minutes into the run I wanted to check my pace, but I had forgotten to change the garmin from cycling to running. It wasn't an issue.
Rest day today (Monday) and back to the gym and a 5k run tomorrow!
I have registered for Connemara again. Apparently it takes two and a half years for me to forget how much pain I was in. Training for that will begin in two weeks, once I have recovered from the 90k Nicholas Roche Classic this Saturday.


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