Thursday, November 28, 2013

Training again

In October I started building up my running again as part of my marathon training. I soon found that my right hamstring (which I had injured in preparation for the Dublin marathon in 2011) was still causing a problem. So I visited a physio I know in Navan (about 40mins drive away). She specialises in treating old/recurring injuries and scar tissue. She confirmed that I had most likely torn the tendon that runs along the hamstring muscles and that it hadn't healed properly. It took three visits and almost three weeks off running, but I feel it's getting back to full function again. My current plan is to build my aerobic fitness on most if not all of my weekly runs for 2-3 months and then work on speed etc. I'm not worried or stressed about finishing times at the moment, just want to finish injury free so I can run again.
I had been doing some leg work in the gym and when doing single leg stuff I noticed that my left leg was a good 30-40% stronger. After the treatments, it feels like the right leg is closer to the same as the left leg, but not 100% yet. More leg work to do. For now I get DOMS in the right leg more than the left, but that will ease off.
Of course I can't just jump straight back into a full on marathon training week. I'm building it up slowly and am running four times a week and some cycling too. I went out with a newly formed cycling club last Sunday - my first group cycle! A great bunch and I'll definitely go out with them again.
So the plan for this weekend is long run Saturday, group cycle Sunday and possibly a short run that evening.
Fingers crossed it all goes well!

Keep running/cycling/training...


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