Monday, December 9, 2013

Training shift

Up to now, any training plans for running I've been using have all been four to five days a week, mostly five. On all of them I've been doing four (or three) mid-week runs and one long run at the weekends.
This format has served me well, and I've completed a fair number of races (18 last year) and with reasonable times. However, my running goals for next year have shifted slightly, and with that, so has my training plan.
I'm now running three mid-week runs and two back to back long runs at the weekend. So I'm still getting two rest days a week, and a mid-week long run, but speed training is not as important, or not emphasized as much. At least for now.
Right now I'm working on my aerobic base, so lots and lots of slow runs, trying to keep the HR at or below the zone 2 max. For the weekend just gone, my Saturday run was 20k and my average HR was 147. Bearing in mind my garmin did a couple of their famous "spikes" to over 200bpm, I think it's fair to say my actual avg HR was probably 145 or less. That run was an average of 5:56 pace, kinda slow, but necessary.
Sunday's run was sluggish to start with, ok in the middle and great by the end. For the last 3k or so I was very tempted to put in a burst and turn it into a progression run, but I resisted. Distance was 12k, pace 5:55 and avg HR 148, although no spikes over 168 this time. I think the avg HR for Sunday was slightly up due to my body still recovering from the previous day's run. Also it was a lot cooler - my first time running in a jacket this season. Last week was the first week in a long time I've done NO planned cycling since July, when I was overseas. Feels weird!
So on twitter over the weekend I was hounded - in a nice way - to reveal my training plans for 2014. So my first race will be the Tralee Marathon in March and three weeks after that I'll be running in the Connemarathon ultra (if all goes well). I do have another big race further on in the summer, and I may or may not be doing that for charity, I have to talk to the people involved before I say any more about that.
I'll also be doing a couple of adventure races, possibly Dingle and Powerscourt or Killarney, along with some cycling only events.
Lots more to come!


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