Monday, January 13, 2014

New year and all that...

So the new year has rolled in, as it does. I had planned lots of running over the holidays. Some I did, some I didn't. I had a strain in my gastro...thingy muscle. Gastrocnemius, that's the one. Tight calf if anyone asks!
I could cycle but the weather was very rough - high winds etc. But rest, foam roller and "the stick" did a pretty good job. My rehab for it was meant to be at most a 5k run every second day. The first run was 3k and felt pretty sore. Two days after I did 5k and didn't feel too bad. Two days later again I did 7k and no major issues. 5k the next day, a day off then a 10k followed by 7k pain free.
Back to building it up again now. I managed to get to the club run on Saturday morning - for a change. We start at 8AM and being winter it was still dark when I was running to the meeting point, less than 2k from the house. We split up into two routes. Five did the 8k route, while myself and four others did the 16k route. The pace was fairly easy - talking the whole time about life, food and telling really bad jokes. The roads were still frosty, and in my zero drop runners I was slipping quite a few times, especially on any downhill sections.
By 8:20 the sun was rising and I wished I'd had my camera/phone, but I prefer to be "unplugged" for running. I spend way too much time connected to work etc, so offline/away time is precious!
By the time I got home again I had clocked up a little over 18k. I was hoping to get out on the bike too, but my calf (gastro-thingimajig) was a bit tight, so I opted to foam roll and rest etc. I also topped up with electrolytes on the off chance it would help - it didn't do any harm anyway.
I've pretty much decided to do the Bohermeen AC half marathon on March 2nd. I won't race it, as it's just two weeks away from the Tralee Marathon. Instead I'll do a long warmup, take it easy in the HM and a good cool down and leave it at that. A nice long (aerobic) training run.
The Tralee Marathon in a way is also a "training run", as I'm registered for the Connemarathon ultra (63.3k, or one and a half marathons) three weeks after. I know it will be painful, I'm under no illusions about that, but I'm also looking forward to it.
I've put a huge amount of work into my nutrition in the last year and it's really paying off, so it's time to put my research, experimenting and training into practice :-)

Take care,

P.S. Episode 18 of the Irish Runner podcast is available here...

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