Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Building it up

I wasn't able to make the club long run on Saturday...again. My time isn't always my own. However, I did get my long run in later in the day. It had been raining all day and the temp was about 4-5 degrees, so not exactly "ideal".
Rather than bring a jacket and sweat for hours and dehydrate, I decided to wear a long sleeve base layer, a technical t-shirt and a long sleeve technical top along with a warm hat and fingerless gloves. I could have brought full gloves, but thought I'd warm up and be fine. Of course I was also in my compression shorts and running shorts with the NB Minimus and Injinji toe socks. I find the Injinji are great to prevent blisters in the rain. I also brought a hand held water bottle and a mini torch that has three bulbs but fits in the palm of my hand, so not too bulky. I was able to stash it in the zip pocket of my hand held too.
I was setting out at about 2:30, and I knew the sunset would be around 4:20 and given that I was doing an easy paced run of over 25k I knew I'd be running in the dark by the end, so I brought a high viz vest too.
It went well for the first 9k, and then I turned off the main road and into the wind. The cold hit me and whereas I had been reasonably warm, inside the next 5-10 minutes I was chilly and started running a little faster to keep my temperature up. I didn't want to go too fast either, as this was an aerobic run.
The last 7-8k were tough, with the wind coming in from my left and little or no shelter. I stopped being able to feel or use my fingers. But, I got it done.
The following weekend the temps were almost the same, but with no rain. This time I wore full gloves and a running jacket along with all the layers from the previous week. Felt much better and I did almost the same distance - actually slightly more.
Then last Saturday I was meant to be doing 30-32k on Saturday (I wasn't available on Sunday). Of course it was howling a gale and heaving it with rain. We had an orange level weather warning in effect. So, rather than do the 30k in the rain and high winds, I did a tempo run: 10min warmup, 4min on and 1min off (jogging) with 10mins cool down for a total of 15k. It meant I was pretty warm and not out in the wild as long, but my legs were wrecked!
Sunday was a rest day, and yesterday (Monday) was meant to be a run and then gym work. Unfortunately in the wet run I had gotten a large blood blister on the sole of my left foot, so running was out. So I deferred to the gym bike for 30mins as part of my warmup. After that I went straight into my "Legs & Shoulders" workout. I like to get the leg day done at the start of the week so I can recover well before my long run at the weekend.
So today I did my lunch time run, a little over 5k at an easy pace. Used my new runners, felt excellent!
I have three races coming up in the next two months or so. First is the Bohermeen HM (thecnically this will be a training run for me, with a long warmup & cool down). Then two weeks later the Tralee full, followed three weeks after by the Connemara Ultra (63k or one and a half marathons).
Bring it on!


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