Thursday, February 13, 2014

The 20 rules of running

Not sure where I found this, but I think I've edited them over time too. Let me know if you have any others and I'll add them in.

1. Don’t be a whiner – nobody likes a whiner, even other whiners.
2. Don’t make running your life, make it part of your life.
3. When doing group runs, start on time, no matter who is missing.
4. Don’t compare yourself with other runners.
5. When standing at a start line, remind yourself how fortunate you are to be there.
6. The faster you are the less you should talk about your times.
7. Don’t always run alone.
8. Don’t always run with others.
9. The best runs sometimes come on days you didn’t feel like running.
10. Be modest after a race, especially if you have a reason to brag.
11. All runners are equal, some are just faster.
12. There are no short cuts to running excellence.
13. There is nothing boring about running. There are boring people who run though.
14. Look at hills as opportunities to pass people.
15. Don’t try to out-run dogs.
16. Without goals, training has no purpose.
17. Go for broke, but prepare to be broken.
18. Unless you make a living as a runner, don’t take it too seriously.
19. Runners who never fail are runners who never tried anything great.
20. Running is simple, don’t make it complicated.

21. When you see the camera up ahead suck in your gut! (Thanks Alan McD!)

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