Monday, February 17, 2014

Training update #743

Last week's training wasn't nearly what I'd hoped for. It was due to horrendous weather with people being advised not to leave their homes on a couple of days. It is what it is, moaning about it won't make the gale force winds die down or the horizontal rain stop.
I got to the gym when I could to work on strength & conditioning and got in another two hours of Kenpo. By the weekend I was bursting to get running and Saturday afternoon the weather was going to be slowly improving, so I put my eggs in that basket, hydrated and ate in sync with that plan.
Shortly after 12 noon I headed out, and having done 30k for the last long run, I decided to do more this time, of course.
The route I was taking was a loop of about 16k, some on main roads and some on back roads, but very few paths. I had a long sleeve base layer, a technical t-shirt and long sleeve technical t-shirt, then a running jacket and high-viz vest. Also, I had base layer gloves and a fleece hat and neck warmer. The temp was about 6 degrees, but with the wind it felt about 2-3. For the first 3k or so my hands were freezing, but then I warmed up a little and took the gloves off. From time to time I opened the zip on the jacket a bit, but when I turned into the wind, or ran along an exposed stretch of road I had to zip it shut again.
On the first loop I had already decided to add a bit extra on, so instead of turning left to get back to the house on the main road I turned right and added probably 5k onto the loop. I could have added it onto the second loop, but mentally the idea of doing a shorter loop second sounded a lot better.
On the back roads I met only a handful of cars and about as many dogs. Got chased by a few of the dogs, but I just ignore them and they leave me alone (so far...).
Some of the narrower roads were still flooded, which meant I had to run through the water up to my ankles, once per loop. I was concerned about getting blistered, but didn't get anything serious.
The second loop came around and I was feeling colder, even with all the layers. By this point (around 22k and up), my mind started trying to tell me that I was tired and should cut it short. When this happens, I tend to do a quick check of the legs etc and nowhere was really that tired physically. So I knew it was just my mind trying to wreck my plans and I played a game like this: I "tell" my mind that I'll take a shorter loop than planned, but when I get to that crossroads I don't. Sounds weird/silly but it works for me. I did this twice on the last loop and each time when I went the intended route instead of going easy I didn't feel any worse. Long term I'd say I felt better.
On the last 5k stretch it was a long straight road and fairly cold, exposed and I had a headwind. I slowed right down to conserve energy and just wanted to get it done.
Getting home felt excellent. The chance to take off the layers, examine the tired feet, warm up and eat!
So I got just under 36k for the day, happy enough with that. I took the rest of the day to recover and on Sunday the wind had died down a bit so I went out on the bike. I wanted to loosen out the legs and the first 20k were pretty good. After that the saddle was reminding me that I haven't been spending much time in it for over 6 weeks! 
The route wasn't that hilly, but my legs were tired, and from 30k onwards I had a headwind. I call it mind training :-)
I got 49k and it took about two hours to warm up afterwards. I was probably still not fully warmed up after the previous day's run.
I didn't get a chance to take it easy though. I had to take out seven bronen fence panels in the garden, take down our clothes line and re-attach the felt on the shed roof. All damage from the recent storms.
All in a day's work...


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