Thursday, August 21, 2014

It's a GOAL!

Yes, been a while since I posted last. I've been meaning to post for a while.
Quick running update: I'm not.
Yes, after injuring my tibialis posterior tendon  near the end of the Tralee Marathon, it has yet to be a) given a timeline for recovery, b) a root cause or c) stop giving trouble, despite not running since April.
Yes, it's annoying. But you see I have a choice; I can let it bother me, let it become the sad story I tell other runners etc...or I can do other training and move on.
In that vein, cycling is now my primary exercise - it was secondary for long enough I guess. Last month I did a 50k cycling sportive. Not that much distance, but I cycled to and from the start/finish, which added a little over 26k...each way. So the day's total was around 105k. I did the same last year on a hybrid bike and my legs were in bits at the end, having to stop twice to rest on the way home. This time I didn't stop and felt good the whole time.
Last week I did a local 60k charity cycle, again I cycled to/from for a total of around 75k.
I had been feeling a bit "unfulfilled" or lacking drive in my life for a while before that and didn't really know the cause. Then I stumbled on it. When I was running, I had goals, like a marathon, an adventure race, or breaking a PB I ran in a 5k or something. When I wasn't able to run, I had no exercise goals...
So of course I started looking to cycling to give me something to aim towards, some goals.
The next two or three cycling sportives I'm planning are all 100k or over, one of them is 160k and hilly! I have no time goals, just to finish, enjoy it and build my endurance.
I was cycling in the gym as a warm up and cool down, never more than 30mins per day and a long session on the bike at the weekend. Now though, with my new goals, I'm doing 60-90mins a few times mid-week and one or two long sessions at the weekend.
More details on how I get on to follow...


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