Thursday, October 16, 2014

Training update #477

A friend in the gym recently asked how my running was going, I replied, "Cycling is going great, thanks". I'm doing lots of ankle rehab, and at the last physio visit they got me to add in deadlifts. As I'm meant to be doing the rehab 6 days a week (!), I managed to get a banged up, rusty barbell with some small plates for free! Yes, I could probably lift a heavier set of plates, but six days a week? No point injuring myself further. So yes, cycling has been going well. I generally get out for one long or two medium to long cycles at the weekend and two or three 40-60k turbo trainer sessions during the week before breakfast. I've set myself some cycling goals for next year, as the sportive season is over for 2014. One of the goals is the Ring of Kerry. It's a charity cycle around the roads of Kerry in July covering 175-180k. Distance varies depending on who you ask. As for running goals, well there was a couple of races I was intending on doing this year, which I couldn't make, so I'm planning on doing them next year. Then again, if I don't get to do them it's not a big deal either! Best of luck to everyone running/jogging/walking the Dublin marathon on October the 27th!! Eoin

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