Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Running, again

"And as if by magic, he started running again..." No, that's not a quote I borrowed, I just made it up. Seems apt for me right now though. Wednesday before last I rocked up to my physio at 07:45 dressed in my running gear...which took me a while to find, not having been able to run since April. We went straight onto the treadmill. I was apprehensive. Would I forget how to run? I'm serious!
So I jumped on and was told to run at 60% intensity while I was videoed. After just a couple of minutes, I was stopped and had a look at the playback. From the side I looked ok, good even. Form hadn't taken a beating at all. From behind was a bit different. When I landed on my right foot everything was fine, but when on my left foot my pelvis dropped down on the right. Indicating a weakness on my left. So we went over my current rehab and then onto extra exercises. Along with the exercises, to be done six days a week, I have been told/allowed to run intervals every second day. So they gave me a specific running program, which has me doing a warmup, drills, then a multiple of 400m intervals, with the intensity increasing every session, and then a cool down.
That evening I couldn't wait and headed to the track to complete my 6 x 400m at 50% - well it was my first time running in six months. If you ever want to know which muscles are used for running, take six months off and then do intervals (possibly faster than you are supposed to...). The next couple of days my walking was interesting, ha ha.
Since then I've been running as prescribed until the weather decided to flood the area, including our grass track. So I took a chance and ran an easy 5.5k around the village. Towards the end I felt like going further, but didn't. Softly, softly and all that.
this morning (Wednesday) I was back early to the physio and on the treadmill. In only two weeks, after working on the rehab, the pelvis issue is totally gone. The physio was impressed with my dedication, but I really just wanted to get back to running as soon as I can. So I have to keep up the exercises twice a week for "maintenance" but should be good to go from here. Happy to say I will now cancel my appointment to get my ankle injected and resume running!

Keep running!


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