Saturday, July 15, 2017

My first ultra - updated

I haven't posted in about 11 months, so it's high time I did a post...or delete the blog. So here we go.
I've been interested in running in an ultra marathon for some time, and recently I had decided to do one as a fundraiser. Originally I was booked on to the Sligo Way ultra (84km trail race), but due to bush fires in the area, the race got cancelled. Then I thought of the Tralee ultra (100km on road), but that isn't being run at all anymore! So I registered on the Longford ultra, which is a 63km road race about 90min drive from where we live.
The charity I picked is Dyspraxia Ireland.
The race takes place on August 27th, and I spent a bit of time this morning organising accommodation and food for race weekend. Well, pre-race breakfast!
Training could be better, as I've had calf strains on and off, but ok today. But as I always say, if I can get to the start line, I'll get to the finish line.
If you'd like to donate, please do so here, many thanks!

So I ran the ultra mentioned above, all 63.4km.This, not very flattering, photo was taken near the mid-point, before the real pain set in.

What kept me going was the charity, I had a big "why", as Viktor Frankl would say.
I stayed over in a local hotel, had great food and even a couple of drinks, but I was hobbling a lot!
The next day I drove home, unpacked, repacked and headed to the airport, I had to work in England the next two days. When I got to the airport I was seriously considering getting wheelchair assistance, but decided that others needed it more. I somehow made it to the boarding gate. When the staff announced that boarding was open for the "elderly or infirmed", I thought "Yea, that's me!". When they saw the way I was wobbling they didn't ask any questions, just checked my documents and let me on.
Eight days later I was back at the track for a speed session, and the following weekend I did an easy 10k in the rain. I thought I was recovering well, but four weeks after the ultra I took part in the badly organised Dublin HM. About half way through my hip flexors and glutes were feeling tight, so I had to dial back the effort and pace. I finished, and wasn't injured, which are my main aims!


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