Current training

So apart from running/cycling, which will be detailed on the main page, this page is to list my cross training. I go out on the bike when I can, but it could be twice a week or every two weeks, depends on time and weather (I'm a fair weather cyclist!). I also try to get strength and conditioning work in 2-3 times a week. This is the current workout I do, which I'll try to update as it changes (updated August 2015):

Gym work -
I used to be a member of a "normal" gym, but found it boring and unmotivating (also full of posers), so I started CrossFit in 2015. It's already been a big help in targeting the muscle imbalances that were causing my running injuries over the years.

The rest of the week I run 3-5 times (depending on what my current goals are), cycle twice a week and walk/cycle with our kids as much as I can.